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hi everybody, 6:00 live doppler not picking up radar returns now, it is dry outside, you may feel it with your skin this morning, drier and cooler air mass, you don't need wet weather gear now, you need patience out there as visibilities are down up in the north bay valleys out into the delta into the central valley where we have tule fog. you want to dress for 30s and 40s inland, 40s to near 50 around the bay and out to the coast. towards the afternoon still dry clouds on the increase temperatures two to 12° cooler than yesterday, low to mid 50s coast, mid 50s to low 60s for rest of us. richmond in through albany and berkeley into the macarthur maze here's a live look, bunched up westbound 80 at the 580 merge otherwise things pick up past university
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into the macarthur maze. san mateo bridge getting busy westbound tail lights towards the highrise towards san mateo eastbound direction traffic flowing nicely just a little slow traffic from hayward towards foster city. slow out of antioch, typical, hillcrest to 242 in concord for this time of the morning. slow traffic out there al 0 grant line earlier spin-out cleared. roadwork still to be picked up in a few minutes eastbound dumbarton should be cleared momentarily. new this morning, in a few hours the coast guard will be back out at mare island to search for the man who disappeared from a tugboat over the weekend. that's where we find amy hollyfield with more on the equipment crews plan on using itch >> reporter: the u.s. caught is going to be -- using a sonar video camera this morning to search the strait
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where they think they will find the man. 77-year-old philip mattingly of fair oaks disappeared saturday night. he been working on a world war ii vessel from a tugboat that was docked at vallejo's mare island. police say his personal items were still on the boat and his truck is still in the parking lot. >> we don't suspect foul play. due to the fact that we did findob: mr. mattingly's vehicle, his boat and personal affects left unsecured we are fearing the would have at this point. >> reporter: -- the worst at this point. >> reporter: they are concerned his age and health may have played a role in his disappearance. divers tried to search sunday the current was too strong. they are hoping for better luck today. family and friends say, they would just like to know what happened. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03.
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in san francisco police on the hunt for the person who shot a man on a mission district street. officers responded to reports of multiple shots fired before 8:00 last night. no information on the victim or condition was available. members of the gang task force were on the scene. tens of thousands have rallied behind a san francisco dog that could be ordered to be euthanized tomorrow. charlie has been accused of attacking and injuring a police officer and horse august 6th. animal care control deemed him too vicious to remain alive. a judge will decide. online petition to save him. new rules and changes at the top after a strip club spending scandal involving port of oakland. officials relegalled -- revealed yesterday kwan has agreed to retire accused of running up a $4500 dinner tab
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at a texas strip club setting off an investigation. officials say the port has received repayment of public funds spent on two improper expenditures and now have new rules. sonoma county and concord debating issues today involving growing marijuana for medicinal use. the board will consider proposal to limit patients to having six plants and eight ounces of dry pot per year the same as the state law currently sonoma allows 30 plans and three pounds of dry pot in concord hearing to decide whether patients should continue to be allowed to grow outdoors or move towards banning it city wide. contra costa county board is set to vote today on proposed closure of four fire stations, martinez, walnut creek, we have lafayette and clayton. cuts come -- after voters
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rejected parcel tax for fire services on the november ballot, no firefighters will lose their jobs because the district is already short-handed. residents will face longer response times. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside 101 san rafael headlights heading southbound. you can see how chilly it is overnight. if your heater kicked on that will be your clue. mike will have the forecast coming up. money laundering, mexican drug cartels and ties to terrorism. the punishment just announced for one of the world's largest
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welcome back. nine minutes after 6:00 on this tuesday morning. doppler -- seattle to portland off the coast where our rain maker is, gives you an idea how facetvñeí moving, it is --w fast it is off moing, rainfall appears light with this system. cooler start, 30s inland, patchy fog, most of us clear mid to upper 40s bay and coast. high clouds and sunshine noon low to mid 50s, sprinkles possible around 4:00, mainly cloudy and mid to upper 50s, 40s with light rain developing along the coast and up in the
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north bay by 7:00. back up at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet you can see traffic flowing here and delays for cash paying folks backing to the first overcrossing. serious situation on skyline boulevard southbound 35 between john muir and john daly boulevard car went off the embankment, injuries involves, tow truck and crews on scene. conflicting reports, whether one lane is getting by or all lanes southbound are closed, we keep following that if you are in that area you want to avoid southbound 35, northbound getting by. it is off, global banking giant hsbc will pay 1.9 billion dollar fine to settle allegations it engaged in money laundering. the money is believed to be tied to mexican drug cartels even terrorism. hsbc says it accepts responsibility for past mistakes.
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analysts point out the bank will earn back the fine in a little more than one month. new this morning the air force is getting ready for another test flight of new experimental space plane pro row time of the x-37b will blast off into space today from cape canaveral, florida. this video provided by the air force, launch time set for 10 a.m., our time. the vehicle is being developed as reusable unmanned space vehicle. >> in the last hour we learned delta is buying a 49% stake in virgin atlantic airlines, delta wants better access to heathrow in hahn done, the two are agenting in -- in london. virgin atlantic owned by sir rich and branson who owns a stake in virgin america airlines. got milk? the reason fewer americans are drinking dairy.
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first, cashmere sweaters. michael finney and consumer re
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we come back. water vapor in the air, narrow band coming through during the evening and overnight hours and how fast that is moving on stream. increasing clouds during the daylight hours, low 60s east bay and south bay areas slowest to receive cooling sea
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breeze. morning rain gives way to afternoon shower wednesday, thursday, friday, low to mid 50s frost possible both mornings. 6:14. cash mean, a popular gift -- cashmere, a popular gift option do you have to spend a lot to get a good quality sweater? >> reporter: good morning. are you looking for a special gift? cashmere sweaters are heavily marketed around the holidays. do you have to spend hundreds to get good quality? consumer reports says, not necessary. when it comes toè?l!= a sweater, one type stands head and shoulders above the rest. >> if you are going to wear wool and be warm, wear cashmere. >> soft, comfortable. >> reporter: consumer reports checked out dozens of cashmere sweaters.
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>> if you are picking up a $59.99 from the bargain bin believe it is probably not 100% cashmere even though the label may say so many >> reporter: quick checks can tell you a lot. >> run your hand over the sweater if little balls start forming, that's a sign this is a cheaper sweater and probably is not going to hold up and i would put it back. >> reporter: another check, whether the sweater holds its shape. stretch it side-to-side, high quality cashmere won't stretch out of shape. >> we found usually the cheapest you can go is about $100 mark. >> reporter: that's how much this cost, good choice with simple design and basic color. with more styling, richer colors, expect to pay more like this sweater for $320. a big splurge in the long run, it can payoff.
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>> you are going to have that sweater for years and years. >> reporter: when buying a cashmere sweater take the time to size up the quality. consumer reports says cashmere sweater needs tlc, always follow the care instructions and be sure to clean the sweater before you store it. that's because dirt attracts moths. be sure to store it flat not on a hanger which can stretch it out i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> you you are looking at me he raised a good point you can't do of that great at the timing when you are in the store they won't like it soap. >> i would move away quickly after you stretch out that sweater and it stays stretched. we need a sweater or scarf coming our way. need the wet weather gear tonight through tomorrow morning from vollmer peak on berkeley university avenue, nice picture of how clear it
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is right there. live drop -- live doppler waiting for that storm to come in from the northwest we get it first with the beam reaching out, at least 150 miles. clouds along the coast, fog inland valleys. this is what we are watching, storm right there, around seattle that is tonight's weather. just when is it going to get here? until it does, let's tack about temperatures, mid let's talk about temperatures. 45 san jose, 42 los gatos, 44 mountain view, upper 40s to low 50s for the rest of the bay. monterey bay low to mid 40s inland 37 gilroy, 45 salinas. through today increasing clouds, sea breeze will drop temperatures two to 12° compared to yesterday. light rain tonight, isolated shower possible tomorrow
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afternoon frost on the way as we head into our mornings over the next couple of days. area of high pressure east, west, cold front would find the weakness and slit these two part, riding on -- all is quiet, clouds increase especially during the afternoon, a few light showers, possibly sprinkles along the peninsula coast by 5:00, steadier rain up to the north moving into the north bay by 9:00, scattered sprinkles ahead of the steadier line moving into the heart of the bay by midnight, south bay by noon system slows a little, 5:00 light rain south bay everybody else starting to dry, 8:00 steady rain just about over end of the commute, end of the rain. steady scattered shower possible during the afternoon snow levels 3500 feet.
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10th to quarter inch possible, -- here's your seven day forecast, tomorrow morning 40s, i think our better chance of frost thursday and friday morning even 20s possible north bay valleys everyone temperatures 50s until sunday and monday. nice drive out of novato beginning to bunch up around highway 37, lucas valley road flowing nicely that's -- past the civic center things pick up into southern marin no delays on golden gate bridge, down to four lanes for your morning commute con ed into san francisco, no problems, fog-free no issues getting through the toll. situation on the skyline boulevard area between john muir and john daly car off the road, tow truck on scene, needing a lot of cable get
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that car out, injuries involved, chp shutdown southbound skyline boulevard highway 35 until further notice. right now we are just being told major injuries. ahead, update we received overnight on ailing south african leader nelson mandela. what may be behind the decrease in americans drinking milk? ñ
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>> mid 50s to low 60s with low 60s mainly east bay and south bay, least affected by the sea breeze kicking in and putting low clouds along the coast the rest of us will see increasing high clouds this afternoon. doppler dry across the state. eureka has a chance of rain by the time the sunsets. fresh powder in the sierra for
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skiing starting 10:00 tonight through 10:00 tomorrow night up to a foot possible above 7,000 feet. trending on google, new england patriots and houston texans tom brady threw four touchdowns last night. one of the top searches today, right to work. michigan's governor expected to sign legislation today making that state a right too work state meaning you don't have to pay union dues when working in a union shop. more about the medical condition keeping former president mandela hospitalize. he is you ever something from a recovering lung infection and is responding to treatment. he has been in the hospital since saturday it americans are drinking less milk.
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milk consumption down 30% since 1975 one dairy trade group is calling the drop a crisis and says it is not.9y sustainable. the reason clouds -- includes the growing popularity of -- [ unintelligible ] proud san sis cans will not be happy to -- san franciscans will not be happy to learn that boston is the top city with sf second, seattle, vancouver and new york. san francisco stands out in environmental leadership
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around ialship edged -- and entrepreneurialship edged out by boston. >> continuing to follow breaking news car guess over cliff. thousands -- thousands of dead squid washing ashore on a bay area beach. new developments in the deadly jenni rivera crash. the reason the pilot and plane are the focus of the investigation. live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on, no problems upper deck sluggish traffic and we are following that serious accident with a car over a cliff on skyline in daly city. southbound skyline boulevard lanes closed. another update when we come back
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good tuesday morning. december 11th. what a gorgeous shot live picture from our tam cam looking at both sides of the bay sun about to rise terry fix morning but also chilly. thanks for starting with us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we start with traffic and weather together. sue hall monitoring the roads. >> let's begin with meteorologist mike nicco. i'll get out the way so you can see showing you how dry it is this morning the reason we have such clear air clouds along the coast sea breeze starting to develop going to bring cooler weather
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today and we have fog up in the north bay and into the east bay valleys, thicker into the central valleys south of stockton for today around the bay mainly clear as we start off cooler with 43 to 47°, high clouds noon low to mid 50s more clouds 4:00 mid to upper 50s, few sprrpb s possible 7:00, 50° many inland patchy fog, 35 to 41, high clouds noon, low to mid 50s, 4:00 sprinkle possible rain moving into the north bay by 7:00. westbound from hayward towards san mateo, nice drive on the san mateo bridge everything at the limit, a few brake lights up the highrise other than that good from clawiter, industrial and toll plaza westbound. 280 east shore through emeryville and university avenue in berkeley into the macarthur maze a little sluggish around the 580 merge things pick up towards the maze, a bit of a back-up
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behind bay bridge toll. serious situation on skyline boulevard southbound 35 the right lane blocked, left lane getting by, car off the cliff, a few 100 feet down and tow trucks are on scene, major injuries, fire and medics on scene. expect delays on southbound 30 few between john muir and john daly boulevard. busier drive times 580 from altamont into the dublin pleasant 680, 580 junction highway 4 out of antioch slow, carquinez bridge partial into the macarthur maze, 25 minute drive there westbound on 80. a little more on that story you were reports. -- you were reporting. we have a crew heading to that story in daly city where the car went over the cliff. right now highway 30 few southbound close between john
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daly and muir. we are hearing two people have been rescued from that car which is pretty amazing that cliff we understand is 400 to 600 feet, that car went over that cliff. one of the people rescued in critical right now. as soon as our crew arrives we'll bring you more information. uc berkeley announcing today new fund for undocumented students, largest of its kind at any university in the u.s., the fund will begin with a one million dollar gift from the evelyn and walter haas, jr. foundation that gift will help 200 undock ed cal saw dents from 20 countries -- undocumented cal students from 20 countries. the chancellor has been a big supporter of the plan. >> i thought this isn't fair. furthermore, these are extraordinarily talented people in the current era with all of the challenges we have ]t1#ford to waste this talent.
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everyone should have an opportunity to go to school. >> the scholarships to undocumented students will be given out next fall. divers set to resume their search off mare island in vallejo -- for a man philip mattingly was last seen working on a tugboat saturday evening that tugboat was anchored along side a world war ii ship. his truck was parked in the lot and personal items on the boat were still there. sunday divers searched and coast guard searched conditions in the water prevented them from resuming the search yesterday. marine biologists will study some of the thousands of large squid that has washed ashore. beach only -- beach combers say they began washing up sunday by the end of the day most had been eaten by seagulls.
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in san francisco, negotiations among crab fishermen on ending weeklong strike resume this afternoon talks to end price dispute broke off last evening without agreement. boat owners held several meetings to discuss options. crabbers were getting $3 before thanksgiving. fish brokers want to cut the price saying demand for fresh crab has dropped. we are learning the family of late mexican-american singing superstar jenni rivera today to claim her remains. katie marzullo !ç with that and federal investigation now underway. >> reporter: jenni rivera's father says his son will be flying to mexico today to the place where jenni and her entourage were killed a team from nhtsa heading that way to help with the investigation. the plane and pilots are being called into the pilots
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reportedly logged 19 hours on their shift, one was 78-years-old. former ntsb says that may not matter as long as they passed the exam. the jet had been in an accident in 2005. the investigator says that was a long time ago. >> it would be unlikely if there was a problem in 2005 it would wait this long to manifest itself. >> reporter: mexican officials are hoping to find the black box which would tell if the jet had a mechanical problem or voice recorder to hear what the pilots were saying in their last moments. mexican authorities say it will take up to 10 days for the initial results of the investigation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. pleasant hill police investigating another pipe bomb incident a parent spotted a device outside office of pleasant hill elementary
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yesterday afternoon friday police arrested two teenaged boys on suspicion of blowing up a mailbox. investigators state boys had a second bomb in their possession. the bomb at the school was deactivated. we hope to learn the identity of the pedestrian who was killed in san francisco. it happened in the financial district yesterday at beale and market. a man in his 40s was crossing 2:30 when he was hit. the driver is cooperating. this marks the 18th fatality, one who are than all of last year. traffic and weather together, next. this is jacket weather, golden gate bridge you see there or any place else, mike will have your full forecast. sue is checking on accidents around the bay area including that major one on skyline drive. royal remorse. the new apology and trying to
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make mends announced today interest the radio station --
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let's talk about temperatures. mid to upper 30s fairfield, concord, napa, santa rosa, low to mid 40s rest of inland valleys, 45 san jose, 48 oakland, 50 san francisco. winds barely out there, with the temperature you see is what it feels like mid 50s to low 60s this afternoon increasing clouds rain tonight through tomorrow morning scattered shower tomorrow afternoon and thursday and friday sunshine and clouds temperatures in the low to mid 50s for highs. good morning.0& serious situation this morning on skyline boulevard southbound between john muir
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and john daly, they have the right lane blocked off, left lane getting by. a car went off a cliff and tow truck is on scene, major injuries. sky 7 hd on the way. we will bring you live shots as soon as it get there is. elsewhere slow traffic, let's get to your waze app, showing 580 through castro valley, moderate. 238 traffic heavy towards 880 and hayward. you can download this app, it is free to help you get around on apple's app store or google play. to reemphasize what sue said, sky 7 hd is headed towards that accident off highway 35. more coming up, including australian radio station behind that fatal phone prank involving kate's pregnancy that takes another step to say, i'm sorry. trading underway. we'll have the numbers when
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welcome back. 6:44 clouds thickest along the coast north bay in the 50s today east bay and south bay in the low 60s a few mid 60s sea breeze will be least effecty in your neighborhoods. doppler -- across the entire state dryuy eureka could get rain by the afternoon. mid 70s los angeles and palm springs. tonight, 10:00 tomorrow night up to a foot possible above 7,000 feet up to nine inches above 3,000 feet.
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time to check in with josh elliot! [ unintelligible ]
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all next right here on "good morning america." new this morning. sydney radio station says it is donating profits for the rest of the year to a memorial fund to benefit jacintha saldanha the nurse who killed herself after that hoax. the station plans to donate half a million dollars to the fund. also cancelling its christmas party and donating that money. she was found dead after being
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tricked in a prank by two deejays to transfer a fake call from the8&.a$ queen. they were impersonating the queen and prince charles. how much does it cost to be a fan of apple? >> investors responding to developments on ai and delta airlines. jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange --. -- lots going on. first aig, the shares are gaining this has as the sells remaining stake in the bailed out insurance company. delta's shares up, airline agreed to buy 49% stake in jury -- virgin atlantic. possible progress in fiscal cliff talks feds kicking off two day meeting. economists expect that will result in additional economic stimulus. here is how the market is doing, dow 60 points higher.
6:48 am
bloomberg index up by more than 1%. have you heard of the apple tax? average american household spent $444 on apple products last year. the number is up sharply from $295 in 2010. $150 in 2007. analysts says if apple tv comes to u.s. homes next year spending will double to $888 by 2015. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> with an annual income of about $50,000 that's almost 1% people are spending on apple products. all going to cupertino. >> next year could be double that with the tv mind-boggling. you may want to be watching tv in the days ahead. this morning you can get out. >> like we do every night we
6:49 am
watch abc family. >> may want to watch tv because we all have bills to pay. >> keep watching us. >> exactly. don't take food off our family's -- kidding that. roof of mine that you are helping puttover my head does leak. guilt trip-tv right now. beautiful picture obvious san francisco sea breeze bringing low clouds -- over san francisco sea breeze bringing low clouds back that is the big story this morning, how is it going to keep temperatures down there afternoon. clouds are out there, nothing falling from them, just too thin and don't have moisture air is really dry this morning here's our next system in seattle, portland heading down for our neighborhoods tonight until it gets here, 30s and 40s, until you get to fremont and san francisco, 51 and 50. low to mid 40s monterey bay.
6:50 am
45 salinas, more clouds, cooler during the daylight hours today. tonight sunsets, light rain develops spread throughout all neighborhoods, isolated showers wednesday, frosty morningings after that two areas of high pressure, we tacked -- talked about how this would divide and conquer those highs that is what it is doing. when it does roll through, going to be cooler, air coming from the arctic circle that's why we are going to have frost the next couple of morning. 10 minutes from now you can see the clouds increasing stray shower possible across the peninsula, moves into the north bay by 9:00, scattered sprinkles around our neighborhoods during that time, midnight heavier, steadier rain wouldn't say heavy steadier moving throughout the bay area three to 5:00 through the south bay later into the
6:51 am
morning commute, 8:00, 9:00, drier scattered shower possible during the afternoon and evening snow level down to 3500 feet let's hope it bumps into diablo or hamilton, snow, that would be festive. mountains and along the coast quarter to half an inch fast moving system, limited moisture, big mass of cooler air behind it frost not possible tomorrow, thursday and friday morning highs only in the 50s through saturday. have a great day, here's sue. beautiful picture of the san mateo bridge westbound you can see brake lights starting mid span on the flat section towards the highrise, a bit of a slow grind across the span once you get to foster city, 20 minutes from hayward, elsewhere clear skies, beautiful traffic situation if you are traveling westbound 80, bunched up by 580 then things play out a little, first reports of a stall in the macarthur maze on 580
6:52 am
westbound be aware of that. back to skyline boulevard right lane blocked, "sig alert" in effect, closed pardon me right lane blocked between john muir and john daly car off a cliff crews trying to get that out. first reports after accident westbound 4 lone tree to the shoulder, car vs. big rig. davis serious situation westbound 8113 -- westbound 80 at 113. five things to know before you go. >> we are on the do the --
6:53 am
good morning. 6:54. towards the embarcadero, bay, bay bridge it is pretty cold out there you want a jacket
6:54 am
and umbrella for this afternoon. mike will tell you more coming up. better to be prepared. here are five things to know before you go: number one, sue has been following this breaking news out of daly city a car has plunged hundreds of feet over a cliff on skyline beautiful. we are just getting word that one southbound 35 lane has reopened that leaves one lane still closed southbound between john daly and john muir. two people have been rescued from the car. >> one reportedly in critical condition. number two, divers will resume their search for a missing man using sonar. 77-year-old philip mattingly was last seen working on his tugboat saturday. >> number three, uc berkeley has a new scholarship fund beginning with a one million dollar gift from evelyn and walter haas, jr. foundation
6:55 am
starting next fall will help 200 who wouldn't normally qualify for federal grants. number four, contra costa is expected to vote on closure of four fire stations in martinez, walnut creek, west lafayette and clayton to save the county money. >> number five, marine biologists will study thousands of humboldt squid washing ashore in santa cruz county they are native to mexico, but may have been born in monterey bay and were unable to make it out to sea. >> final check on your forecast. fog, really thick aroundpau: fairfield 3/4 of a mile, novato less than a quarter of a mile. central valley tule fog this morning. highs today cooler increasing clouds, low to 50s coast, mid
6:56 am
50s to low 60s bay and inland. due to that fog we were going to send up sky 7 hd over that accident in daly city but the fog is rolling in. the bay bridge, metering lights on, reports of a stall westbound 580 headed into the macarthur maze blocking left lane. san rafael, a little mist as you travel, stream of headlights southbound 101 past lucas valley road back to daly city, southbound lane open right lane blocked left lane open between john muir and john daly for that serious accident. coming to the bay area expect delays from sacramento. abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. >> we are always on at >> we are always on at
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good morning, america. breaking now, extreme weather systems collide, bringing more than a dozen tornadoes across the south. damaging scores of homes. the drama caught on tape on this florida highway. >> holy cow. >> more on the way now, as parts of the midwest start to dig out from more than a foot of snow. hitman in the city. the desperate hunt for a brazen killer that gunned down this law

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